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Aggregates and Grab Hire in Sittingbourne
Why Choose a Grab Lorry and Aggregate Supplier Over Skip Hire?

Are you organising a construction project in Sittingbourne or the neighbouring areas? Have you decided how to clear the waste you generate from your site? The early stages of your project will likely involve excavation, earthworks and possibly even demolition of an existing structure. In order to stay in line with your schedule for works, it’s important to remove waste materials in a safe, time-efficient way. At JSC Grab Hire, we provide grab lorry hire vehicles for muck away and waste removal services in the areas we cover across Kent.

Our company is also an aggregate supplier, so we also offer aggregate and topsoil delivery too as well as a Wack & Pack reinstatement service.

Please note, we only collect inert waste. We cannot remove plasterboard, white goods or any hazardous materials.

Our grab lorry service is often compared to that provided by skip hire companies. However, we deliver many benefits that skips simply can’t.

To arrange for your own muck away service in Sittingbourne, or to schedule a topsoil delivery from a trusted aggregate supplier, call us on 01732 387 121.

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Grab Hire Vs. Skip Hire

Key considerations when choosing between grab hire and skip hire include:

  • Time-Efficient Waste Clearance

  • Permit-free Grab Hire Services

  • Versatile Grab Lorry Vehicles

Time Efficient Waste Clearance

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a grab lorry for a muck away service is how quickly and efficiently our team works when compared with hiring a skip. You can rely on our company for a rapid turnaround. What’s more, we even provide a 24/7 callout service (subject to availability) when unexpected situations arise.

Whenever you need us, we’ll arrive at your site in Sittingbourne, load your waste and take it away – all in around 15 to 20 minutes. Of course, this duration depends on the amount of rubbish you have.

In comparison, skips tend to sit on your site for days, weeks or months on end, occupying valuable space. Not only are they a cumbersome presence when accessing your premises, they also become eyesores as they fill up too.

When you combine your waste clearance with an aggregate or topsoil delivery, you also receive two services in one convenient visit. As your aggregate supplier, we provide everything from MOT Type 1 and ballast to sand and crushed concrete.

Permit-free Grab Hire Services

Because our grab lorry team completes your muck away service so quickly, you don’t need to secure a permit ahead of time. However, the same isn’t always true for skip hire. Depending on the size and location of your site, you may need one or more roadside skips if there isn’t enough room on your premises.

When placed in a public space, you must apply to the local council for a permit. This can take as long as a week to organise. If your skip doesn’t have a valid permit, you risk having it removed immediately and face a hefty fine.

Versatile Grab Lorry Vehicles

Our grab hire vehicles have the ability to handle a wide range of capacities. This is what allows us to handle jobs of any size, from small rubbish clearances in Sittingbourne to larger muck away work in the neighbouring areas. What’s more, with their compact design, our fleet can negotiate narrow roads and busy building sites.

Thanks to their design, grab lorries are adept at accessing waste in difficult-to-reach areas. This includes materials behind fences and walls or in generally difficult terrain. By using a hydraulic arm, our team retrieves your waste and loads it onto the lorry itself.

Conversely, skips often create parking problems by obstructing road access, for you and your neighbours. The same applies if they block entrances and exits to construction sites or workplaces. In addition, while awaiting collection, the waste building up in the skip is often exposed to rain and heat for long periods. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

JSC Grab Hire provides a trusted service as an aggregate supplier in the Sittingbourne area. Get in touch to discuss your own aggregate or topsoil delivery.

Call 01732 387 121 to speak with JSC Grab Hire about your grab lorry needs in Sittingbourne, or if you need a reputable aggregate supplier.