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A Guide to Inert Waste

When choosing a grab hire company to clear waste from site, you must make sure they can remove the type of waste you have. For example, JSC Grab Hire Ltd will only remove inert waste. However, this covers a wide range of materials and is suitable for most domestic and commercial projects. Below, we explain what we mean by inert waste and what is covered by our muck away and grab lorry clearance services.

In addition to waste collection, our aggregate suppliers use our lorries to carry out aggregate and topsoil delivery in Sidcup and the surrounding areas we cover across Kent. As both a waste clearance specialist and aggregate supplier, we meet a range of needs and offer time- and cost-effective solutions.

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What is Inert Waste?

Inert waste is any kind of waste material that is unreactive, meaning it does not undergo any substantial biological, chemical or physical change. For example, inert waste will not dissolve or burn. It also will not biodegrade or adversely affect things it touches, so is unlikely to cause environmental pollution or harm human health.

Inert waste is the only kind of waste we will collect at JSC Grab Hire.

Examples of Inert Waste

Our customers in the Sidcup area generally only need inert waste removal. Our muck away and other clearance services are ideal for all kinds of domestic and commercial projects.

The following are examples of inert waste we can remove from your site using a grab lorry:

  • Concrete

  • Tarmac

  • Hardcore

  • Bricks

  • Sand

  • Soil

  • Green Waste

  • Builders’ Waste

We can also collect demolition waste if it does not contain any hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Remember, we also use our grab lorries in our capacity as an aggregate supplier – as well as collecting inert waste, we offer topsoil delivery and delivery of other aggregates in Sidcup and Kent.

Recycling Inert Waste

Inert waste is suitable for recycling, helping reduce the carbon footprint of construction activities. At JSC Grab Hire, we recycle as much as possible and currently 92% of the waste we collect is recycled.

The main way to recycle inert waste is to turn it into aggregates which can be used in various construction and landscaping projects. After collecting waste in a grab lorry, we transport it to a suitable recycling facility for processing.

If you want to help the environment by using recycled aggregates, we can deliver materials to your site in Sidcup or the surrounding areas. This service is available on its own or alongside muck away/waste clearance. As a skilled aggregate supplier, we offer a range of options including crushed concrete and topsoil delivery.

Please call 01732 387 121 to arrange muck away and/or aggregate delivery in Sidcup or the surrounding areas.