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The Manufacture of, & Uses for, MOT Type 1

Do you need to hire a grab lorry for a domestic muck away service? Or do you require a trusted aggregate supplier for a topsoil delivery at a large commercial construction site? Whatever your needs in the Sevenoaks or any of the surrounding areas we cover, JSC Grab Hire is here to help. We have a hard-earned reputation for providing services of unmatched quality at affordable rates. No matter the type, size or complexity of your work, we deliver an efficient, effective solution tailored to your needs.

In addition to waste clearance services, we use our fleet of grab lorry vehicles to deliver aggregate and topsoil to domestic, commercial and industrial sites across Kent. One of the most popular materials we provide is MOT Type 1. Below, we have looked at the manufacturing process behind this material as well as the many uses it has.

To schedule your own aggregate or topsoil delivery or Wack & Pack reinstatement service in Sevenoaks, or to discuss muck away services, please call us on 01732 387 121. Find out what separates us from other aggregate suppliers and grab lorry hire companies.

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A Closer Look at MOT Type 1

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) standardises 3 types of aggregate for use in the creation of sub-bases. These are MOT Types 1, 2 and 3. All 3 of these aggregates are suitable for sub-bases, but they also have varying properties. The manufacturing process for these aggregates involves breaking down materials like granite, concrete and limestone into irregular pieces.

The finished product must comply with clause 803 of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works.

As an aggregate supplier and grab lorry hire company, JSC Grab Hire delivers MOT Type 1 to roadwork contractors and construction companies in Sevenoaks and throughout Kent. We can also combine your aggregate or topsoil delivery with a muck away service for the ultimate convenience.

How is MOT Type 1 Used?

MOT Type 1 has an impressive load-bearing capacity. It also compacts easily. For these reasons, it has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Roads & Motorways

    Because MOT Type 1 can withstand significant loads, it’s used extensively by roadwork contractors. Pouring asphalt or tarmac on a sub-base of MOT Type 1 creates a surface strong enough to handle continuous, heavy traffic. JSC Grab Hire uses this aggregate in our Wack & Pack reinstatement service.

  • Public Pavements

    MOT Type 1 is the perfect material for paving contractors in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas. Other aggregates expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. This leads to cracks in the surface. The spaces between the irregular stone pieces in MOT Type 1 allows for expansion and contraction, but without causing surface cracks.

  • Property Development

    While our grab lorry vehicles provide muck away services for demolished buildings, they also help in the construction of new properties. As grab hire specialists, we help to remove excavated earth in the early stages. As aggregate suppliers, we provide an aggregate and topsoil delivery too. This includes MOT Type 1 for installing foundations for house extensions and new builds.

  • Driveways & Patios

    Our company also provides MOT Type 1 for use on domestic projects. If needed, we can also perform a muck away service to remove the ripped-up old materials too. MOT Type 1 makes a great, SUDS-compliant sub-base for these hard landscaping features.

As a leading aggregate supplier in Sevenoaks, we supply many more aggregates than MOT Type 1. For a more detailed breakdown, please visit the Aggregates page on the menu of this website. There, you will also find dedicated pages for our muck away, topsoil delivery and grab hire services.

With a range of the latest grab lorry vehicles, we can meet your every requirement.

Call 01732 387 121 to talk over options for your own project’s needs. From muck away services to topsoil delivery, JSC Grab Hire provides bespoke solutions in Sevenoaks and Kent.