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The Benefits of Using Recycled Aggregates

In addition to our role as a grab lorry provider, JSC Grab Hire also operates as an aggregate supplier. This means that, alongside our muck away service, we deliver primary and secondary aggregates for use in domestic, commercial and industrial projects. This includes certified and screened topsoil delivery throughout Bromley and the surrounding areas we cover across Kent. Both of these aggregate types have their benefits and uses. However, we tend to advise using recycled materials where possible.

It’s understandable for the average person to have a negative view of recycled aggregates. But the truth is, they provide an array of benefits for landscaping and construction projects. In most cases, they are just as effective as primary materials.

For the ultimate convenience, JSC Grab Hire can combine your muck away service with an aggregate and/or topsoil delivery. This means that our grab lorry delivers your materials in the same visit as your waste collection. Not only is this highly convenient, it saves time searching for a separate aggregate supplier too.

Sustainable choices are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. As such, recycled aggregates continue to grow in popularity.

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Reasons to Choose Recycled Aggregates

Below, we have outlined a handful of the many reasons why secondary aggregates could make the ideal solution for your project in Bromley, including:

  • Durability

  • Cost-Effective

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Flexibility


This area is probably the biggest misconception with recycled aggregates. Despite what you may think, recycled materials sourced from muck away or demolition work are equally as reliable as primary options. From a topsoil delivery to the supply of crushed concrete, JSC Grab Hire offers complete peace of mind: all our materials are premium quality and extremely durable.

Like any aggregate supplier covering Bromley, we want to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. Along with a large fleet of grab lorry vehicles and outstanding customer care, the best way to do this is through quality materials that don’t compromise on longevity or strength.


Recycled aggregates are much less labour-intensive to produce than primary alternatives. Because they are cheaper to produce, aggregate suppliers can sell them at a lower price. When combined with their undoubted durability, it’s easy to see why secondary materials are so popular on projects with tight budgets.

What’s more, the cost of quarrying new aggregates will only increase. And the quality of recycled options will only improve. JSC Grab Hire can supply a secondary aggregate and topsoil delivery service tailored to suit your short- and long-term needs in Bromley.


Now more than ever, there’s a widespread consensus that the construction industry must do more to use environmentally friendly methods. When a grab lorry from our fleet arrives at your site with a secondary aggregate delivery, you have helped to reduce the demand for primary materials. When combined with a muck away service, you also reduce the number of trips we need to make to your site too.

Primary materials are a finite resource quarried from naturally occurring mineral deposits. Not only does your choice leave these materials undisturbed, it eliminates the energy used to extract them as well as the emissions in the haulage process.


The secondary materials we deliver as your aggregate supplier are incredibly versatile. From landscaping and building work in Bromley to road construction in the neighbouring areas, JSC Grab Hire supplies secondary aggregates for all manner of projects.

The topsoil delivery service we provide as a grab lorry hire company also makes the perfect solution for backfilling, turfing, landscaping and civil engineering.

For all your aggregate supply and muck away needs, don’t delay - call JSC today.

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